How to take a proactive approach and plan a return to the workplace in a new, unknown, normal?

One country at a time, we will at our turn start planning the return to workplaces that will have changed. We have the opportunity to take control of the situation and organize a responsible re-opening. A successfully planned and executed return will ensure the safety of employees, but also engagement and motivation.

The questions remains: How?

To help you in this task, Open invited two experienced industry leaders, Sizwekazi Jekwa Mdingi from Absa Group and Beenu Thomas from Carlsberg Group, to discuss what concrete actions they are taking to prepare for a responsible return.

In the webinar, Open’s Anna Porko interviews Beenu and Sizwekazi, and guides a discussion on the factors contributing to what is needed of communications in the transition, and what we can -and should- do to address those needs.

Listen in for concrete tips to help you take control of the return, on three different levels:

  • Leadership communication
  • Equipping managers
  • On the floor