On the Mic: Charlotte Mayntz from Haldor Topsoe

We're glad to have Charlotte Mayntz for the 'On the Mic' series, sharing her take on the field of employee communication. Charlotte Mayntz is Director, Corporate Communication at Haldor Topsoe, the renowned Danish catalyst company founded in 1940 and operating all over the world.

By: Cristina Gavrila, Communication Specialist (4 April 2017)

Why do you find it exciting to work with employee communication?
How can I not?? Only when our employees know what to do, are capable of doing so and see the idea behind it, then we are able to create the results we are striving at in our companies. So how can this not be interesting?

What was your latest success, and what made it successful?
Our safety campaign is the latest success. The initial thought was: “Honestly, how boring can it get? Safety is of course important when working in production, but to us in administration? I risk falling over my feet in the office hallway?”
In the end, besides making good examples, lovely graphics and so on, the one thing that made the difference to be successful, was involvement of our colleagues at each office all over the world. To make sure everyone understood in detail what we were aiming at, we made it locally relevant and adjusted the events to for example local habits.

What challenges do we face as employee communicators in the coming years?
Change, change, change. Oh my, we’ve heard it so many times! Nevertheless, one challenge is actually to keep getting people on board in all of these changes. And I guess the biggest risk is that people stop caring about the changes and just ignore them, instead of nagging about them.

Which exciting trends in employee communication would you like to pursue next?
I have put my eyes on how to engage our employees in social media – externally and internally. With this goes how to find our way in choosing solutions that fits for the entire specter of people, from those who are never to enter into the digital universe to the ‘born-digital-I-expect-to-do-it-all’ employees. How to satisfy them all, or choose whom to satisfy.

What is your best advice/tip to other employee communicators?
Don’t believe that a campaign will be the answer. It’s not. The risk is us as carpenters, thinking that since I have a hammer, this must be a nail. But the way to nail this, is to still – again and again – really look into data: What are we trying to achieve? Among whom? What are their barriers and/or motivators for liking our stuff? And then choose your way of communicating. It might be just the immediate manager to talk to his/her employees or maybe the intranet news is enough. Like with everything else, campaigns are exciting the first time (perhaps even the second), but they get as boring as everything else.

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