Video smartphone employee communication
Video smartphone employee communication

Make great corporate videos with your smartphone

Video series: No more dark and blurry smartphone videos. Here are seven simple tips to create excellent employee videos with your smartphone.

By:  Simon Quintal, Senior Creative Advisor & Video Specialist (February 25,  2017)

You are probably already creating short videos with your smartphone to share on the intranet or other platforms. Then you know that the authenticity of the smartphone footage is a major advantage of the media, but it indeed needs to be dozed right. Bad light-setting, background noice, and unflattering angles always set authenticity at a risk.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to get basics in place. Here are seven tips from Open’s video team to make sure the basics are in place the next time

1. Show excitement
The best recordings are those showing real excitement. Feel free to smile, laugh, and have fun in the shots – and try not to read from a script when you are speaking to the camera.

2. Cover footage
Get a lot of cover footage and avoid loooong takes of someone talking. Cover footage makes it easier to edit the video so it becomes more dynamic – and ultimately a better story. Long takes can end up as boring, and mostly it also requires a lot of editing.

3. Keep the camera rolling
When your shot is over keep recording for an extra 3-5 seconds. It makes it much easier to edit afterwards. Remember, you can always cut away, but never add.

4. Clear sound
Stay close to the camera, but no more than 1.5 meters. Speak clearly and be aware of not speaking too fast or with a low voice. Make sure there is no background noise in interview scenes, e.g. avoid outside recordings that have wind or car noise.

5. Background
Any background will do but feel free to be creative. For maximum depth stand a few meters away from the background. And of course, be aware not to show any confidential information.

6. Light
Make sure there is enough light in the person’s face – if the face is too dark, the shot is – with all respect – useless. Also, try to avoid direct sunlight in the person’s eyes and never film directly against the sun (e.g. towards a window).

7. Angle of smartphone
Finally, always hold your smartphone horizontally (wide screen), and steady when recording.

video smartphone recording employee communication

Now, you are ready to make your next engaging employee video. Have fun!

Video is more than a tool and pressing the right buttons. Video is visual storytelling. In the next weeks, we have a special focus on corporate video and the impact videos can have on your employee communication. This article is the second in this series. Stay tuned.