10 ways to kill your communication employee communications
10 ways to kill your communication employee communications

10 ways to kill your employee communications

Check out this Open golden oldie: '10 ways to kill your employee communications'. This short publication contains a tour-de-force of what often goes wrong in internal communication.

By: Cristina Gavrila, Communication Specialist (5 January 2017)

When we originally created this employee communications booklet, it was meant as a one-off cheerful gimmick, but it has proven to be a big hit around the office. If you have ever visited us, you probably have your own print copy.

Clients often refer to the messages inside, page through it when visiting and have a little laugh about it. As we’re currently doing a third print of it, we believe it shows the power of combining simple messages with a bit of humor.

Download the publication below for a good laugh on how to kill communication.


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