How internal communication generates true value

Get wiser about the value drivers within employee communication and how to become a vital part of the organization's success in Open's publication: How internal communication generates true value.

By: Cristina Rusu, Communication Advisor (2 February 2017)

We have daily conversations about internal communication, due to our professions. We talk regularly about the changes out there, the impact of our field, and we often wonder about what is needed to advance the field of employee communication.

To answer that, in 2016, together with other IC stakeholders, Open launched a publication about the internal communication ecosystem and uncovered some of our daily inquiries. We wanted to discover how internal communicators could get even closer to senior leaders, bridge to the boardroom and become not only strategic partners and trusted advisors, but a vital ingredient of organizational success.

Through a series of round table discussions in the UK and Denmark, influential internal communicators from large international organizations have offered their ideas and considerations on the value and role of internal communication to international businesses today. The publication contains the industry’s view on three main aspects: the current context of internal communication, the value drivers of our field and some proven enablers for taking IC to the boardroom.

If you would like to read more about the topic, download the publication below and let us know what you think about it!