Want to learn how to engage your virtual audience better?

Then look no further. We are pleased to bring you a webinar that gives practical tips and tricks to just that.

In this webinar, you meet two experienced storytellers, Megan and Lars, who will give concrete examples of how we all can apply storytelling methods in our virtual meetings and presentations, to keep the attention of our participants – like stories have kept our attention for thousands of years.

Lars is a Video Specialist and Master Storyteller at Open. He lives to capture people telling stories. Lars always focuses on finding the human factor when approaching any subject, because: ‘It’s the only thing that works’

Megan is the Founder and Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb. She uses stories to create an emotional way of visioning a new future for change and transformation. Megan creates tools for innovation and human-centered design teams to connect to their audience through deeper empathy and insights created by story and character.