Anja Andersen On the Mic Employee Advocacy Maersk
Anja Andersen On the Mic Employee Advocacy Maersk

On the Mic: Anja Andersen from A.P. Møller - Mærsk

We are so happy to have Anja Andersen on the mic sharing what inspires her to work with employee communication. Anja is Senior Corporate Brand Manager, Transport & Logistics Division at A.P. Møller - Mærsk, the global transport and logistics company with multiple brands.

By: Solrun Sigfusdottir Øfjord, Communication Advisor (September 15, 2017)

Why do you find it exciting to work with employee communication?
Because people relate to people. It’s extremely interesting to work with and try to limit the gap between what is considered corporate brand communication and employee generated communication and content. This is where we need to be smarter as a corporate B2B brand on how we involve, engage and activate a global work force in more than 130 countries worldwide as ambassadors.

What was your latest success, and what made it successful?
We already now see great success in testing an employee advocacy program that we have been piloting this year, where 700 employees globally shared content directly through LinkedIn’s content hub Elevate. In three months, our employees reached 8.1 million people across our channels, which is more than the combined accounts of our brands in the same time frame.

What challenges do we face as employee communicators in the coming years?
The next generation of employees are the content makers. We need to let go of control and think about how we do fun, engaging and educational content. We will see a trend that employees are the new ‘channels’ of communication, as individuals and as employees. If people are engaged in an agenda they are willing to share content all around the clock from their own accounts.

Which exciting trends in employee communication would you like to pursue next?
Test and learn from new communication channels. Platforms come and go, and testing, adapting and thinking agile is key. It might not all work or succeed, but you need to be ready to learn fast and move on. We have recently tested a podcast. Here you can target people while they are on the go. Every day we are exposed to visual content, from smart phones, TV, computers, VR, and checking out visually is something we also need to account for as communicators. A channel like Snapchat is for sure also interesting for employee communication; content or stories generated from individual to individual.

What is best advice/tip to other employee communicators?
Be authentic and be honest in your communication. Good storytelling is key.

You can read more about Anja on her LinkedIn profile.

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