Helle Gudiksen NKT
Helle Gudiksen NKT

On the Mic: Helle Gudiksen from NKT

We're so happy to have Helle Gudiksen, VP & Head of Communications in NKT, on the mic sharing her experiences with strategy communication and successful execution of it.

By: Solrun Sigfusdottir Øfjord, Senior Communication Advisor (August 7, 2018)

What’s on the top of your employee communication agenda right now?
It is the execution of our EXCELLENCE 2020 business strategy including our values.

What was your latest success and what made it a success?
Recently, we kicked off our EXCELLENCE 2020 roadshow where our CEO, accompanied by alternating members of our Group Leadership Team (GLT), visit a number of sites in Central and Northern Europe. We decided to focus on interaction and on engaging people in our purpose so everyone understands and considers how he or she contributes to our journey and ultimately our success.

After a short presentation by the GLT members, we invite all blue and white collar workers to a break-out session to discuss what the strategy means to us and our customers, what we can do even better, and ultimately, what they would like to ask the GLT in a strategy context. That, along with the following Q&A session, has so far resulted in a really engaged interaction between our people and the GLT, showing that we have passionate colleagues in the organization – with backbone to speak up and then commit, which is one of our values.

Why is it important to communicate your strategy internally?
While strategy is usually defined by top management, you need to onboard and engage your people as they are the ones to work with elements of the strategy on a daily basis. Commitment from everyone in the organization is a prerequisite for success, and the tricky part is how do you obtain that? To us, it is important to try to break down the strategy to ‘what’s relevant and what’s in it for me?’. One way of doing this is that everyone should leave the strategy session reflecting on what he or she can do more/less of or start doing for us to succeed. Also, how he or she impacts our culture and values every day.

What did you learn during the process?
The importance of keeping your people focus and knowing what you want out of the event. Also, as long as your concept and materials are thoroughly prepared, yet simple, you don’t need sophisticated settings to get the messages across and obtain good interaction, creativity and commitment.

What is your best advice/tip to other employee communicators?
Know your target group(s) and always have the ‘what’s in it for me?’ (the receiver) in mind – your local colleagues are key partners in that work.

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