On the Mic: Morten Dal from PANDORA

We're glad to have Morten Dal sharing what inspires him in employee communication. Morten Dal is Global Intranet Manager, Corporate Communications at PANDORA, the world-renowned jewelry brand.

By: Cristina Gavrila, Communication Specialist (27 February 2017)

Why do you find it exciting to work with employee communication?
Working strategically with employee communication is just thrilling and exciting when you see employees as the number one asset to achieve business objectives. You will not be able to reach business objectives if you are unable to engage employees by heart, mind and feet.

What was your latest success, and what made it successful?
My latest success was together with our intranet team, to mastermind, develop and launch our brand-new PANDORA Global Digital Workspace & intranet, including on-site training and marketing.

We made a great effort to train employees across the world so that they could make efficient use of the new PANDORA digital tools and platforms – a kind of digital leverage that has ‘upgraded’ both the digital and the collaboration skills of our workforce. And we feel that the hard work really had an impact – enabling everyone to work smarter and connect globally instantly. It’s all about communication, collaborating and sharing.

What challenges do we face as employee communicators in the coming years?
A challenge is definitely to propel the shift or transformation to become a truly strategic partner for top management and the business across a major organization.

Some of the questions on my mind are: How do we as communication professionals transcend the barriers to become a trusted advisor for any organization? And how do we demonstrate the business value of employee communications?

Which exciting trends in employee communication would you like to pursue next?
I would like to empower employees through engaging communications – helping employees to be directly involved in their teams and add business value to any corporate strategy or major organizational change.

Also, there is the need to help boost employees’ capacity to cope with and embrace change.  Change is the only constant these days, so how can we prepare and enable employees to tackle constant change without ending up suffering from ‘change fatigue’. That’s the name of the game.

What is your best advice/tip to other employee communicators?
Try to put yourself in the shoes of management and ask: How do you add value to our organization? How can you measure and prove that? In other words: Strategize and measure your impact.

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