On the Mic Susanne Biltoft
On the Mic Susanne Biltoft

On the Mic: Susanne Biltoft from Alm. Brand

We're so glad to have Susanne Biltoft, Head of Communication & Investor Relations at Alm. Brand, sharing what she sees as key when engaging employees.

By: Solrun Sigfusdottir Øfjord, Senior Communication Advisor (March 28, 2018)

Why do you find it exciting to work with employee communication?
Because it makes all the difference for successful implementation of new or moderated ideas, plans, and means.

What was your latest success, and what made it successful?
To successfully communicate the acquisition of Saxo Privatbank. It was successful because the story we created and communicated about it was correct, short, and precise, but also with broad prospects. This created pride in the whole organization.

What challenges do we face as employee communicators in the coming years?
The need of being able to communicate in more digital ways – meaning that the intranet article is on its way out while videos, chatrooms, brief articles, and podcasts are on their way in. Most importantly, these will be used in a well-orchestrated mix in the future. This is also what I would like to pursue next.

What is best tip to other employee communicators?
To understand your subject, be precise, and create an interesting story that appeals to the world and interests of your receiver. In other words: Create value.

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