LM Wind Power Center of Excellence
LM Wind Power Center of Excellence

Onboard employees through the voices of peers

How do you welcome new employees to your training centers using video as a tool, when you are not allowed to film the facilities? You engage the employees to tell their personal experiences.

By: Simon Charles Quintal, Senior Creative Advisor & Video Specialist (April 18, 2018)

Creating impactful employee films that talk directly to peoples’ hearts and minds requires… yes, people. The right people and their stories. It is the people who give the human touch, add the personal angle, and make the viewer feel.

This was in the back of our minds, when LM Wind Power asked for our help for a film to welcome new people to their training centers, Center of Excellence. There was just one challenge; we were not allowed to film the locations from the inside due to confidentiality.

Creating authenticity through the unpredictable
The result was an emotional and powerful state-of-mind-film told from the employees’ perspective rather than a story about buildings and rooms; One long film and three short versions of the one for use on SoMe.

What we experience as the main challenge in this type of production is trust. In traditional corporate communication, the messages need to be very clear and correct. But when asking employees to speak from the heart it becomes hard to control all the variables. From a client’s perspective, that can be difficult to buy into.

Yet, the biggest benefit is without a doubt the honesty of the final production. If you trust the employees to deliver a message that they believe in and to tell it in their own words, it becomes much more credible and powerful. And by leaving room for the unexpected, you also get a sense of the people and their reality – such as Gabi in one of the films helping her daughter study. None of that is scripted.

Watch the three films below. We hope you like them.
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Building people before blades: Gabi’s story

Building people before blades: Carlos’ story

Building people before blades: Luis’ story