Highlights from Open's Event Expert Panel

By: Tina Legor, Senior Creative Advisor (3 June 2019)

Last week, a bunch of experienced professionals gathered to discuss internal corporate events and the role of communication. Topics covered at the panel discussion were:
  1. Cross-location & virtual participation; and
  2. Activation of purpose & culture
 Open Event Panel

The discussion was fruitful, and we’re pleased to share some of the key highlights covered during the two-hour event:

  1. Plan the ‘event’ with the virtual participants in mind – involve the (incoming) callers and keep it human.

People connect with people and want to feel human and seen. In these modern times, using modern tools, it is fundamental to ensure that the technology does not stand in the way. So, when you plan your event, remember the virtual participants too – specifically if it’s a mixed audience where some people are physically present and others participate virtually.

Create a set-up where the virtual participants can be exactly that – participants, instead of just a passive audience.

  1. Put yourself in the user’s place

This point links strongly to the first one made. It is crucial that you put yourself in the participants’ shoes when you decide on the details of your event. Think of what they need to have the best experience, and what ensures that you succeed in achieving the goals of the event. This applies to when you choose the software to use, the timing of your event, the topic to cover, and the format to deliver in.

Always think: how will this be experienced?

  1. Encourage the local communities to sit together – be disciplined and control the meeting (Code of Conduct)

Instead of asking people to dial in independently, we strongly recommend you to encourage communal participation. The entire team sitting together participating, creates a dynamic that strengthens the impact of the event, helps people focus, and gives much more meat for discussion afterward.

  1. The 8-minute rule – something new should happen every 8th minute

This is the simplest and easiest of our take-aways to go and act on. We live in a world of shortening attention spans; to ensure that your participants remain focused and follow your event, give them something new at least every 8th minute.

Tina Legor is a Senior Creative Advisor at Open – she is also the head of Open’s Event Panel, with a solid track record of campaigns executed and a trusted advisor on client projects.

Tina Legor