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Meet James, your new colleague

Dear future colleague,


It’s nice to (virtually) meet you. I’m reaching out from the comfort of my desk, considering what I should write about. What do you want to hear? What would I want to hear if I were in your shoes? I could sit here all day talking about how great it is to work at Open, but then this would become like any other glorified advertisement. If you are anything like me, you’ll want to feel how it is to be here. How does working for this company engage you on a personal level? So, I will tell you about my experience– and hope that you can relate.


I never played well in teams. I guess this comes down to my upbringing. I won’t bore you with the details here, but the end result was an attitude of ‘I can and will do this alone’. My freelance film career consisted of taking on far too much and pushing myself past the point of exhaustion. Recover, rinse, repeat. My first relationship with Open was within this time period, them being the client and me, the freelance film specialist for hire.


Did I expect much? Not particularly. It was simply another opportunity to make some money. As usual, I put my head down and started to work. Lunch was eaten behind the computer, and conversation was kept superficial. Business as usual. It was after a couple of shoots that I started to notice something different. There was an atmosphere here, and not a tense ‘who stole my post-it notes’ vibe. It was as though the entire office were alive. People chatted, help was offered, a genuine happiness consistently resonated within the walls.


I continued to freelance for Open over the years and would always look forward to coming back for the next project.

Even with my minimal hours spent there, I would still feel part of something when I returned, as though no time had passed at all. Open had become my benchmark, and as a result I found my skills improving as I pushed to make my own impact. Needless to say, when they offered me a fulltime position, I jumped at the opportunity. I liked the person that I was becoming.

Ironically, it took developing my career to help me realize the value of a work /life balance.

I credit this entirely to the culture at Open. Never had I been treated so humanely. The encouragement to develop myself both professionally and personally was a new experience, one - it turns out, I had been deeply craving. I could have the best of both worlds. In fact, both worlds helped each other to flourish.


At Open, we are all expected to take responsibility for our projects, pushing them forward to completion. While this falls on your shoulders, you’re not alone in your journey. There’s space to talk with others, help one-another to develop ideas and talk through complicated solutions. If your project requires a skill that you’re unfamiliar with, there is a whole office of resourceful people at your disposal. Cross communication is highly encouraged and in the process, you’ll find yourself picking up skills that you never even considered having.


It’s hard not to view the people working here as more than work colleagues, and I’m proud to call them my friends. We all bring our own unique style; styles which are explored and nurtured for being the assets that they are. Our diversity is held together by a common mission – to develop, to grow, to push ourselves to be the best creatives that we can possibly imagine, and more so, to find value in every day. When I look back at myself and the company, well... we’ve both come a long way.


So then, how does this make me feel? To sum up my experience with Open – I feel engaged! But more than this – I feel like I’ve found home.


Your future colleague, James