Morten Steinbach

Creative Specialist

At once understated and bold, Morten is not afraid of putting himself in the line of fire and ready to jump in on projects that are running tight with multiple facets.

He has over ten years in the design field under his belt and an alter ego as an acclaimed artist. Since Morten graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts in 2014, he has pursued his passion for visual art as well as graphic design – much appreciated by his fellow openers as it also comes alive in his projects.

And worth mentioning, Morten is the nicest guy you will ever meet always ready to give that extra hand and catch up on work or that exhibition you went to last weekend.

Morten holds a Master of Design in Graphic Design and a Bachelor in Graphic Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

Curio: Morten is a God-given artist creating art prints inspired by outer space, geometric shapes, the film classic Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and David Bowie… you get the picture!

[email protected]

T +45 4422 2020