Andreas Ringsted

Team Lead Digital Advisory

Andreas Ringsted is a creative wizard when it comes to cross-media campaigns, visual storytelling and creating digital experiences. He is typically involved in projects combining exactly that – leaving no detail to chance.

Andreas is a digital geek always pushing employee communication to its limits. It is not unusual to see him wearing VR glasses or other tech tokens around the office. VR and AR are definitely also what Andreas sees as the big thing in this generation of employee communication.

Before Andreas joined Open, he worked as a freelance Art Director for more than 10 years, primarily within branding. That is why Andreas often fetches inspiration from trends in external communication when advising and inspiring clients.

Curio: Andreas travels around the world for the great taste of whiskey, whisky, bourbon, rye, or whatever they call it locally. Even the Swedish island Hven.

[email protected]

M +45 2662 9899