Anna Porko

Global Project and Partnership Manager

As Open’s Global Project and Partnership Manager, Anna drives the operational side of our partnerships, from relationships to project management. Likewise, she works on Open’s global accounts, providing structure and ensuring things happen. It is her motto, in fact, and you will see that she is not wrong when she says: ‘I’ll make it happen’.

You might also hear from Anna in connection to Open’s client community and external brand communications – she could for example be hosting a webinar with industry leaders as guests, or calling in to discuss your latest experience with Open.

With a business school background in social science and service management, ‘human-centric’ is a word that describes Anna the best. She holds an MA from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, and an Ms.Soc from Copenhagen Business School. If you ask at the right time, she may confess to secret plans for a PhD in the future, or an MBA, or just four more master’s degrees.

Curio: Anna has a pirate for an ancestor – her grandmother’s grandmother’s grandfather’s uncle, Otto Fleming, was a pirate, also held prisoner in the Tower of London.

[email protected]
M+45 5375 7119