Betina Sørensen

Senior Creative Advisor

Betina is the go-to person for strong communication concepts. With three quarters of a decade at Open, Betina is the creative wizard behind many of our greatest campaigns and concepts. She also has a great passion for beautiful infographics and surprising gimmicks.

Betina is the quality police of Open with a supernatural eye for details. Her famous falcon eyes will pick up, not only the tiniest layout error, but also the mis-calculation in the data we got given for the infographic or the grammar that could be improved. She has the ability to get her head into any of our client’s most complex subject matters in order to offer the best, and most relevant advice on how to communicate it well.

Before Open, Betina worked in editorial design which gave her an almost supernatural eye for detail and a backstage insight into print processes, paper quality and the like.

Betina holds a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Communication (previously Hojer College).

Curio: Although born and bred in Jutland, Denmark, Betina is actually an African at heart and has helped set up the Cape Town office.

[email protected]
M +45 5194 2885
T +45 4422 2029