Bo Bregnholt

Chief Operating Officer

Bo is the creative kick in the partner group and co-founder of Open. He enjoys solving our clients’ challenges; the more complex, the better. As a great advocate for the power of design, Bo is the driver of turning complex matters into simple concepts that are actionable.

Bo is passionate about getting the process right, and a firm believer in visual management with many a SCRUM board bearing his initials – Open’s way of juggling quite a bunch of exciting projects. Bo is a pleasure to work with, always calm and collected and ready to bounce ideas.

As one of the founding members of Open, Bo heads the creative team and focuses on using people’s strengths and passion to develop his team and their skills.

Bo has hold a Bachelor’s from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and has also studied at Roskilde University.

Curio: A semi-finalist in the famous chair-dance competition and a serious cola-holic in recovery. Bo is a traveller and is taking on the world, one country at a time.

[email protected]
M +45 2724 0990
T +45 4422 2023