Morten Hoffmann

Animation Specialist

Morten brings our illustrations to life in animations. With eight Open years behind him – the equivalent of 48 human years – Morten’s special ability to work on multiple projects has proven him to be a big asset, meticulously juggling ten animations at any given time.

Previously a flash motion designer as his last workplace, Morten is also a digital designer and film producer. Rightfully so, and coming with the territory, Morten is an animation freak and loves adding fun touches to his work, particularly with sound effects.

Young at heart and the natural entertainer, Morten is the one who sets the tone of energy at the agency by always adding a soundtrack to the day – either loud death metal or soft jazz, depending on what he drank with his breakfast.

Curio: Morten can play a range of instruments including double bass. Care to invite him for a show?

[email protected]
M +45 2616 3526
T +45 4422 2033