Nathalie Rhode-Erb

Senior Communication Advisor

Nathalie‘s energy and nifty blend of strategic approach and attention to detail means that Nathalie can run complex projects and make it seem like ice cream on a Sunday.

She also has that unique ability to speak at eye-level with anyone and is therefore great in the field speaking to the people we reach with our communication and finding out what makes them tick. Storytelling evolving around people and company culture are among her favorite disciplines.

With an agency background, followed by a number of years in Corporate Communications at PANDORA, Nathalie brings experience from both sides of the table.

Nathalie holds a Master’s in International Business Communication.

Curio: Nathalie is a true Francophile, half French, half Danish, and addicted to buttery croissants and pastry in general.

[email protected]

D +45 4422 2031
T +45 4422 2020