Nete Findsen

Senior Communication Advisor

Nete Findsen is a world-class project manager and drives some of Open’s large-scale projects, for example within GDPR, compliance, and strategy communication. She truly knows how to handle multiple stakeholders with a steady hand and she always finds a clear way through customer challenges and installs calm within.

Nete is curious and enjoys learning about the reality of clients to find the right solution to their needs. Working in teams toward a common goal, crunching, and problem solving are some of Nete’s favorites. She is passionate about her projects and is in her element when combining strategic thinking with creative execution.

Nete has worked in the consultancy business for +15 years specializing in employer branding and internal communications. She holds a Master’s in International Business Communication, and in her earlier work years she worked within marketing and advertising.

Curio: Nete has a habit of googling inappropriate things in team meetings.

[email protected]
M +45 2296 5660