Nicole Nicolaus

Creative Advisor

Nicole is passionate about all things design and making the complex simple, yet eye-catching. Whether it be print productions or infographics, Nicole will make sure the aesthetics are spot on. Her other true love is storyboarding animations creating fun characters and quirky details.

Nicole has over 10 years of experience within design and branding and holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Iceland Academy of Arts. Before Open, Nicole spent 10 years in design agencies in Reykjavik and Berlin, as well as working on the client side, focusing on the full brand experience.

German by heritage, Icelandic by heart and in Denmark of love, Nicole likes order, sticking to deadlines, project structuring, and making sure she has a full overview of projects, including what is on the menu for lunch meetings. Still not sure? Have a look in her desk drawer – no mess, ever.

[email protected]
M +45 2490 3820
T +45 4422 2025