Thomas Marijnissen

General Manager

A maverick in creating order, Thomas is capable of building the perfect spreadsheet that keeps Open organized to the point of reminding someone of their own birthday.

Thomas considers himself born and raised in Open. He has been with Open since 2010 and is a seasoned veteran in the world of employee communication. His specialties include developing tailored workshop tools and games.

Thomas is an engineer by trade and you will find him most excited when he gets to brainstorm a new process, gimmick or buying a new gadget. He lives to find better ways to do things and is mastermind behind most of our office and process upgrades.

Thomas holds a Master of Science in Engineering, Design and Innovation from The Technical University of Denmark.

Curio: Thomas brews his own beer and a number of other experimental alcoholic beverages which he happily shares with his friends at Open.

[email protected]

T +45 5375 7105