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How to take a proactive approach and plan a return to the workplace in a new, unknown, normal?

One country at a time, we will at our turn start planning the return to workplaces that will have changed. We have the opportunity to take control of the situation and organize a responsible re-opening. A successfully planned and executed return will ensure the safety of employees, but also engagement and motivation.

The questions remains: How?

To help you in this task, Open invited two experienced industry leaders, Sizwekazi Jekwa Mdingi from Absa Group and Beenu Thomas from Carlsberg Group, to discuss what concrete actions they are taking to prepare for a responsible return.

In the webinar, Open’s Anna Porko interviews Beenu and Sizwekazi, and guides a discussion on the factors contributing to what is needed of communications in the transition, and what we can -and should- do to address those needs.

Listen in for concrete tips to help you take control of the return, on three different levels:

  • Leadership communication
  • Equipping managers
  • On the floor

Want to learn how to engage your virtual audience better?

Then look no further. We are pleased to bring you a webinar that gives practical tips and tricks to just that.

In this webinar, you meet two experienced storytellers, Megan and Lars, who will give concrete examples of how we all can apply storytelling methods in our virtual meetings and presentations, to keep the attention of our participants – like stories have kept our attention for thousands of years.

Lars is a Video Specialist and Master Storyteller at Open. He lives to capture people telling stories. Lars always focuses on finding the human factor when approaching any subject, because: ‘It’s the only thing that works’

Megan is the Founder and Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb. She uses stories to create an emotional way of visioning a new future for change and transformation. Megan creates tools for innovation and human-centered design teams to connect to their audience through deeper empathy and insights created by story and character.

Building the business case for sustainability:
How LM Wind Power proved the case got GE Renewable Energy onboard the transformation journey – to go carbon neutral

In this webinar, Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Leader of the Carbon Neutral Program at GE Renewable Energy, and Kristina Malther, Managing Director of Open Communication Cape Town, will bring you practical advice on:

  • building the business case for sustainability
  • the impact created by a strong union between Internal Communications and EHS
  • the importance of leadership buy-in and how to get it.

You’ll get direct input and concrete  actions on how to kick-start the sustainability journey in your organization. Join Lene and Kristina and get going with concrete actions that drive sustainability!

New technologies are making their way into our private and work lives. Virtual reality (VR) is no longer the realm of gamers and technology geeks alone. Instead, we see more and more marketing, communication, and education employing VR and augmented reality (AR).

With this evolution of VR we see a new, innovative and engaging communication channel emerging – but what can it do, when, and what should you use it for, and how expensive and difficult is it really? What about the ROI – is it worth it all?


Michael Neidhöfer
The CEO of ZREALITY, the provider of the world’s first marketing platform for XR apps & content, Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built several companies in his past, such as Netbiscuits, one of the largest mobile application platforms worldwide. Michael’s key expertise is building hyperscaling B2B SaaS/Cloud platforms and digital business models. Michael also supports several technology start-ups as a Business Angel and Advisor. He has been nominated 3 times as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Germany.

Andreas Ringsted

The Head of Digital Experience at Open, Andreas has worked for +15 years creating engaging communication and experiences in external and internal communications, developing campaigns and initiatives for a long list of clients like the United Nations, the European Union, Pandora, Carlsberg, Georg Jensen, and Microsoft. Always at the forefront of technology and looking for innovative solutions, Andreas advises clients on digital solutions, across organizational levels and functions.

How do we solve for business leaders’ biggest challenges, and what is on their agenda today? What does culture have to do with competitive advantage and how can stories affect it? And, how can we drive behavioral change?

You can expect insights into transformation in the face of disruption; the role culture plays in organizational change; and how to drive behavioral change through stories.


Mark Lloyd

The Director of Client Strategy for Avanoo, a culture story technology platform, Mark works with some of the world’s leading companies to help them understand how stories can create positive impact in their organizations. Mark and Avanoo are trusted partners to companies like Google, Toyota, and Roche. Prior to joining Avanoo, Mark spent over 12 years researching storytelling with thought leading organizations such as The New York Times and Conde Nast.

Alexander Stephanou

The CCO of Open, a global employee communications agency, Alexander has 10+ years of experience working with commercial excellence, strategic HR and leadership in large, international enterprises and small, fast-growing businesses. Alexander is the author of several papers, a frequent speaker at webinars and conferences with contributions to, among others, HR People + Strategy’s Annual Conference, Bersin by Deloitte’s Annual Conference, AHRMA’s Annual Conference and HR People + Strategy’s Strategic HR Forum.

Internal communication as a discipline has been moving from the role of a distributor of information and an engager of employees to a more strategic business function. What are the challenges in this move, and how to act on them?Mike Klein and Kasper Steensen will discuss this topic from their respective points of view in this 45-minute webinar. You can expect insights into what the alignment gap is and how it stands in your way; where engagement, the hot topic of the past years, fits in the picture; what we mean by reducing noise; and how being human can help you gain the trust of your audience.


Mike Klein

One of the most visible voices and writers in the world of Internal Communication, Mike Klein is a Netherlands-based IC consultant with more than twenty years of experience. Mike has worked with major corporates including Maersk Oil, Cargill, Shell, Avery Dennison, easyJet, and Barclays, and has a strong focus on internal influence and qualitative research. An MBA graduate of London Business School, Mike is EMENA Regional Chair of the International Association of Business Communicators and principal of Changing the Terms.

Kasper Steensen

The CSO, partner and co-founder of Open, a Copenhagen based employee communications agency, Kasper has over 15 years of experience in working with internal communications, both as a field and in practice. He knows the ins and outs of the art, has advised large, global organizations such as Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, and Pandora, and has his finger on the pulse of what is moving in the field. He is a multi-artist when it comes to combining a strategic mindset with creative execution.


Personal best – staying in the problem space

Senior Creative Advisor Tina Legor shares insights on why Advisors need to stay within the problem space.

Meet James, your new colleague

James Ackroyd writes an open letter and shares his experience on working for Open.

Highlights from Open’s Event Expert Panel

Last week, a bunch of experienced professionals gathered to discuss internal corporate events and the role of communication. 

Empowering employees with the New Views of Safety

What are the New Views of Safety? What are the principles behind Safety Differently and Human and Organizational Performance (HOP)? How could the principles work as an inspiration for how we communicate and engage in safety? How do we use this to empower employees?

Augmented reality as a game changer for employee experience?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging trend, but what are the applicable uses of AR in employee experience? Here are three examples of how to utilize AR – and tips on how to get started.

Employee engagement according to Yoda from Star Wars

Dear readers: This article was submitted to Open by a guest blogger, IC Yoda. While he may or may not have an interest in the promotion of Star Wars, we have decided to share his article in its original, unedited form...

What to consider when using digital workplace data and insights

According to Open’s Digital Workplace Panel, people analytic skills and getting the job done faster, easier and better are key when activating data from your digital workplace.

How to crack measurements in employee communication

Open Morning: In employee communication, measurement continuously is a hot topic. But still, few of us do it and many find the why, what and how a tough cookie to crack. Are we...

Why boost or kick-start adoption of your digital workplace

Harvesting the benefits of a digital workplace requires adoption. Why? Because speeding up the process enables your people to deliver the right customer experience.

On the Mic: Helle Gudiksen from NKT

We're so happy to have Helle Gudiksen, VP & Head of Communications in NKT, on the mic sharing her experiences with strategy communication...

It’s all about the experience – also for people at work

Developing your business by improving the customer experience is also about optimizing the employee experience. How? Here’s help to...

Employee experience on the agenda

Employee Experience is most certainly on the agenda for the approx. 50 communicators from Denmark’s largest companies present at...

How to communicate and implement best safety practices

In safety communication, sharing best practices is evidence of that efforts matters and that things can be improved. Here...

Open Morning on GDPR

On 25 May 2018, GDPR will be enforced. At this Open Morning, we will dive into what to be aware of and how good communication...

Onboard employees through the voices of peers

How do you welcome new employees to your training centers using video as a tool, when you are not allowed to film the facilities? You...

Make your strategy personal with video

We bet you have seen a good film about people. But have you seen a good film about strategy? This is where video comes in...

On the Mic: Susanne Biltoft from Alm. Brand

We're happy to have Susanne Biltoft, Head of Communication & Investor Relations at Alm. Brand, sharing what she sees as key when...

On the Mic: Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen from LM Wind Power

We're so glad to have Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen from LM Wind Power, sharing what she sees as key when communicating sustainability...

Make great corporate videos with your smartphone

No more dark and blurry smartphone videos. Here are seven simple tips to create excellent employee videos with your smartphone.

Creative shower: A quick guide to the creative process

Have you ever been asked to 'think out of the box' and your only thought was 'how?'. Great news: Using these four steps, you can be...

Add true power to your next ‘talking head’ or event video

The power of video lies in the content and delivery. If you are new to shooting videos these tips can help you make your next...

On the Mic: Steffen Støvelbæk from Nilfisk

Steffen Støvelbæk, Head of Communications at Nilfisk is On the Mic sharing what he sees as key when communicating a stock exchange...

Purpose and planning are key to digital workplace adoption

The road to digital workplace adoption does not need to be winding one. In seven steps, you can get your own, tailored roadmap to get...

Power up your employee communication with personas

People – your employees – respond differently to different messages and situations. How to respond to these differences is where...

On the Mic: Anja Andersen from Mærsk

We are so happy to have Anja Andersen sharing what inspires her to work with employee communication. Anja is Senior Corporate...

What Alien can teach us about corporate video

Credibility and empathy can be what make us identify more with the crew in Alien more than our own CEO in a video. But framing your...

VR is ready to rock your employees

Virtual reality (VR) is designed to give people extraordinary experiences, and that is exactly what we want to give employees, right...

Why employee engagement should be on every leader’s agenda

87 percent of the employed population in 142 countries are unengaged in their jobs. The solution? Good jobs, great leadership, and...

Get through employees’ bullshit filters

Having a hard time getting through to your employees? Learn the successful tactics from influencer marketing and turn your...

Masterclass: The roadmap to digital workplace adoption

Sign up for a half-day masterclass on launching a new intranet or any new digital workplace platform...

On the Mic: Ulf Fensten Madsen from Nets

Ulf Fensten Madsen sharing what inspires him to work with employee communication. Ulf is Head of Internal Communication...

Advice from the safety pros

During this week, we have given a few takes on how organizations can use communication to strengthen their safety culture and...

A safety campaign won’t do it (alone)     

Mobilizing leaders to drive a safety culture should be the focus for any communication department tasked with boosting the...

Why safety communication should be funny, seriously

Many organizations are afraid of using humor when communicating about safety. They think it’s risky, insensitive even. But humor can...

Why we don’t work safely, and how to change it

“If information was the answer, we would all be billionaires and have perfect abs.” This quote by Derek Sivers says it perfectly: when work...

The unattractive brother of strategy communication

Have you ever tried mentioning 'safety communication' to a communication professional only to...

On the Mic: Charlotte Mayntz, Haldor Topsoe

Charlotte Mayntz - Corporate Communication Manager at Haldor Topsøe, renowned Danish catalyst company founded in 1940...

New ways to capture your audiences

Enthralling, captivating and even hyperreal storytelling is not for external communication only. Soon (if not already), our internal...

10 steps to an effective internal communication flow

Is the communication flow in your organization referred to as a jungle or just inept for essential communication? Then now is time to...

On the Mic: Morten Dal from PANDORA

We're glad to have Morten Dal sharing what inspires him in employee communication. Morten Dal is Global Intranet Manager...

How internal communication generates true value

Together with other IC stakeholders, Open launched a publication about the internal communication ecosystem. We wanted...

5 employee communications trends in 2017

What will we see this year, now that Workplace by Facebook has been tested successfully? And after disruption and gamification found...

A guide for using social media in internal communication

Social media is currently at the top of many internal communicators to-do lists, and it is the hot subject on various blogs and...

10 ways to kill your employee communications

Check out this Open golden oldie: '10 ways to kill your communication'! The short publication contains a tour-de-force of what often goes...