Digital workplace

What to consider when using digital workplace data and insights

Digital workplace
Digital workplace

What to consider when using digital workplace data and insights

According to Open’s Digital Workplace Panel, people analytic skills and getting the job done faster, easier and better are key when activating data from your digital workplace.

Edited by: Anna Porko, Brand Innovation Manager (September 04, 2019)

Digital Workplace Panel

Our Panel is a group of experienced, curious and passionate digital workplace leads from some of Denmark’s largest companies – PANDORA, GEA, LEO Pharma, VELUX, DFDS, Haldor Topsoe, Dupont and Arla, amongst others. The panel meets bi-monthly for a couple of hours of inspiration and knowledge on how to get the most out our digital workplaces.

Every time the Panel gets together, a topic sets the direction for the meeting. This time the topic was: ‘What to consider when using the data and insights your digital workplace brings to the table’.

In the illustration below, you’ll find some of the take-aways from this meeting. Hopefully, you’ll find them a great help when you’re looking into the data and insights your digital workplace can provide you, your team – and the organization as a whole.

Digital workplace
Digital workplace
Digital workplace

Although, digital workplace focuses on our internal workflows and the changes in them, their adoption and people’s needs, it is important to remember that it also ties directly into our customer experience – as the customer experience is created by your employees. Hence, the need for focus.

Interested in joining the expert Panel?
If you’re heading the digital scene in your organization, maybe our Digital Expert Panel might be interesting for you to join too. You are very welcome to contact Andreas Ringsted who facilitates the panel.

You can reach him at +45 26 62 98 99 or by sending him an e-mail at [email protected].

About Open

Our approach

We believe that creating curiosity, encouraging active involvement, and sharing progress and successes is what engages employees.

Our Inspire-Act-Share engagement model is at the core of everything we do.

What we do

We empower employees. We boost local decision making by providing employees with business insight and sense of direction required to make the right choices in everyday work.

We create purpose by ensuring high employee engagement and performance by translating business strategies into meaningful and purposeful messages that employees can relate to.

We unite organizations by enabling the organization to function as one efficient organism by building bridges that tie the organization together, breaking down silos and hierarchies.

Open digital workplace

Masterclass: The roadmap to digital workplace adoption


Masterclass: The roadmap to digital workplace adoption

Working on a new digital workplace strategy? Join Open and BrightStarr on 26th of October, 2017 for a masterclass on how to successfully introduce that type of technologies in the workplace.

By: Solrun Sigfusdottir Øfjord, Communication Advisor (17 August 2017)

Delivering a digital workplace solution that employees actually adopt requires more than simply implementing the technology. From idea to launch to on-going engagement, your employees must be front and center to the plan and equipped to make the most of a digital workplace. For this reason, we have partnered BrighStarr in a half-day seminar to share more about the tech and people side behind launching a new digital workplace.

We will cover:

  • Welcome: An introduction to the day
  • Preparing for success: How to ready your business for a new digital workplace
  • Picking the right technology: What products and functionalities to consider to drive engagement
  • The art of driving adoption: How to make your new digital workplace work for employees
  • Panel Debate: Tales from the frontline. We’ll be joined by a panel of industry experts from different organizations, who will be sharing their experience

Event details

Date: 26th of October, 2017

Time: 8:30 am to 12.30pm

Location:  Microsoft  – Kanalvej 7, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Sign-up: We look forward to welcoming you, so remember to sign-up on the event’s webpage.


More about BrightStarr:

BrightStarr is a digital workplace consultancy that has been delivering solutions to clients for over 10 years. Its Unily platform integrates with the best of Office 365 to offer a complete digital workplace experience for global organization.

Event Sponsor:

Slido supports ‘The roadmap to digital workplace adoption’ seminar. Slido is an audience interaction tool for meetings events and conferences.


For more inspiration about launching a new digital workplace, check our case-study with PANDORA, here.