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Masterclass: The roadmap to digital workplace adoption


Masterclass: The roadmap to digital workplace adoption

Working on a new digital workplace strategy? Join Open and BrightStarr on 26th of October, 2017 for a masterclass on how to successfully introduce that type of technologies in the workplace.

By: Solrun Sigfusdottir Øfjord, Communication Advisor (17 August 2017)

Delivering a digital workplace solution that employees actually adopt requires more than simply implementing the technology. From idea to launch to on-going engagement, your employees must be front and center to the plan and equipped to make the most of a digital workplace. For this reason, we have partnered BrighStarr in a half-day seminar to share more about the tech and people side behind launching a new digital workplace.

We will cover:

  • Welcome: An introduction to the day
  • Preparing for success: How to ready your business for a new digital workplace
  • Picking the right technology: What products and functionalities to consider to drive engagement
  • The art of driving adoption: How to make your new digital workplace work for employees
  • Panel Debate: Tales from the frontline. We’ll be joined by a panel of industry experts from different organizations, who will be sharing their experience

Event details

Date: 26th of October, 2017

Time: 8:30 am to 12.30pm

Location:  Microsoft  – Kanalvej 7, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Sign-up: We look forward to welcoming you, so remember to sign-up on the event’s webpage.


More about BrightStarr:

BrightStarr is a digital workplace consultancy that has been delivering solutions to clients for over 10 years. Its Unily platform integrates with the best of Office 365 to offer a complete digital workplace experience for global organization.

Event Sponsor:

Slido supports ‘The roadmap to digital workplace adoption’ seminar. Slido is an audience interaction tool for meetings events and conferences.


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