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Creating employee engagement by sharing dreams and ambitions

Danske Bank asked Open to help create an organization-wide internal initiative, encouraging employees to share their dreams and ambitions.

The premise was to create a link between Danske Bank’s customer promise “…to help people and companies realize their dreams and ambitions through financial confidence” and its employer promise “Ambition is something we share”. In other words: in order to deliver customer dreams, you must understand and share your own.

The result was the fully integrated campaign, Dreams & Ambitions, where employees were invited and encouraged to share their own dreams and ambitions. We set out to initiate a culture transformation and build the foundation for an open, sharing, empathetic bank that employees engage with.

Personal stories as a campaign driver

The ’Dreams & Ambitions’ campaign strategy was to approach a rational bank with an emotional slant. This meant harnessing the power of storytelling and using personal stories of what it means to live a full life. We addressed not just the ambitions we have for our careers, but also the dreams we chase outside of work.

Campaign strategy

The audience included everyone at Danske Bank, meaning that strategic thinking and a variety of communication elements were required. Management set the scene sharing their dreams, then more than a thousand employees joined. The initiative was monitored, measured and adjusted accordingly during the entire roll-out to ensure a wide and successful reach.

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Campaign reach

Dreams & Ambitions helped Danske Bank engage employees, understand the link between customer and employer promise, strengthen team spirit, and reinforce a culture of sharing and celebrating by sparking people’s dreams and emotions.

The results exceeded all KPIs and expectations:


employees were reached through campaign site. That is 75% of all employees.


dreams were shared on the campaign site, which is 135% points above the campaign target.


of the employees cited a better understanding of the bank’s Customer Promise.


increase in eNPS score.

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