Haldor Topsoe Case - Safety Communication
Haldor Topsoe Case - Safety Communication

Strengthening the safety culture

How do you strengthen a safety culture? How do you make safety tangible and relevant? And how do you motivate employees to take ownership of safe behavior? This is a challenge many companies face when striving towards zero accidents at work. At Haldor Topsoe we identified local managers as the key to engagement.

Aligning the safety communication

Safety communication was not new to Haldor Topsoe, but it was characterized by different approaches across the large, global company. Some successful, some less. The first step was therefore to develop a global safety communication strategy to align communication. Next step was to identify and build on existing best practices and tools and then share them with the rest of the organization.

Campaign: Safety doesn't happen by accident

To boost safety awareness and establish safety as a key priority, the ‘Safety doesn’t happen by accident’- campaign was launched globally on April 28 (World Day for Safety and Health at Work). The campaign was on brand and serious, but with a slight twist of humour to engage audiences.

Engaging leaders in boosting a strong safety culture

A manager’s kit was created to on-board local managers on their importance in communicating and reinforcing safety messages; walking the talk – every day, all the time. Managers were given new and improved guidelines on how to address safety on a daily basis. The kit included a range of visual, simple and practical safety tools designed to engage employees in their commitment to create a safe workplace.

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