NNE onboarding case study
NNE onboarding case study

An engaging and motivating pre-boarding experience in NNE

NNE has for years had an award-winning onboarding program called Navigate, but time was running past it. With the Join the Passion project, NNE and Open renewed the onboarding program thoroughly. The set-up, structure and communicative platform were all brought up to date in an ambition to build a modern and effective onboarding experience that reflects an innovative and exciting workplace where newcomers are welcomed and engaged from day one.

The Join the Passion approach also aims at improving the so-called time to success, getting newcomers to perform quickly, and to experience that they are contributing as ‘one of us’.

The new onboarding experience is structured around three main phases:

  1. Pre-boarding experience
  2. Intensive, face-to-face onboarding training on start-up
  3. A cultural camp after the first three months have passed
NNE Pre-boarding experience
Open co-created the pre-boarding experience with NNE. NNE modelled their face-to-face onboarding training and cultural camp internally.

A concept and an identity

The Join the Passion concept has become an umbrella for the NNE onboarding journey. It represents NNE’s wishes to be perceived as a preferred employer – and as we hear it from their employees, it’s a good match!

True to NNE, the visual concept builds a bridge to the world of engineering. The molecule graphics symbolize the dynamics of passion, innovation and how to bring your knowledge into play.

Joining the Passion

We all know from experience that there’s so much to learn when starting a new job. This comprehensive pre-boarding experience NNE and Open created makes the jungle of information easy to navigate and brings the right information to the employees at the right time with the following key campaign elements:

CEO video

  • Brings the CEO to the same level of employees (he’s also one of us)
  • Shows his passion and links it to what NNE is and how he leads it
  • Puts a face to NNE’s values

Project phases animation

  • First time that the phases – as an overall framework – was put into words
  • Important to find a balance between explaining the basics, without oversimplifying. As well as giving an overview of each phase, without making it look like a strict process
  • Several key stakeholders involved
  • A dynamic and eye-catching way of telling the project phases journey as a story

NNE Project Phases animation

Strategy animation

  • Explaining – in a light and dynamic way – the strategy for NNE in Denmark
  • Presents the essence of the strategy

These elements are actively used with both new employees joining NNE and as key tools in introducing fundamental information to current employees!

A full e-learning course complimenting the videos has already been experienced by around 30 NNE employees and the overall feedback has been positively great.


  • Built on the client’s expectation of the ‘Wow factor’ and existing visual concept
  • Integral part of new employees’ onboarding experience
  • NNE’s e-learning is refreshed
  • The e-learning is a first introduction to what NNE is, stands for and where it is heading. This is why it was vital to match NNE’s innovative spirit to that of the e-learning (content, visuals and interactivity)
  • The Join the Passion course enables more of an ‘experience’ than e-learning – hence the title ‘onboarding experience’
  • It is optimized for desktop, but it also works on tablets and mobiles


To showcase NNE’s rich history, Open partnered with NNE to create an interactive timeline that highlights the achievements and landmark moments in an intuitive navigation with dates and timings, images and links. The timeline is part of the pre-boarding experience and explores key milestones that has formed the NNE of today.

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