Anchoring culture and positioning employees as business drivers

In 2016, Device R&D, the division in Novo Nordisk developing  medical devices and delivery systems, introduced four cultural pillars to underpin the innovative mindset to stay relevant in the market: Dream & Discover, Dare & Deliver. Yet, the cultural pillars were not yet firmly anchored in Device R&D by 2018.

Novo Nordisk came to Open for help to firmly anchor Dream & Discover, Dare & Deliver so every employee would know how to act on the pillars. Also, Device R&D wanted to boost their brand, and to position the employees and their innovative ways of working in Device R&D across Novo Nordisk.

Human-centric campaign with innovative elements

The result was a human-centric campaign employing storytelling and using the employees’ own stories as a focal point, communicated through a mix of traditional and innovative formats, such as core story presentation and video mixed with augmented reality (AR), and as facilitation tool to create a engagement and dialogue .

Further, we added WE INNOVATE as a headline and a visual identity to the  pillars to capture the essence of why the employees should Dream & Discover, Dare & Deliver – it’s all about innovation and staying relevant in the market.

A potential to evolve

Due to the human-centric and emotional storytelling, especially in the personal story videos, we ensured a long-lasting campaign with the potential to evolve together with Device R&D and the possibility to continuously add stories to the campaign on how to live Dream & Discover, Dare & Deliver individually, as a team, cross-teams, and in Device R&D in general.

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