Launching PANDORA’s new global digital workspace

PANDORA is one of the most loved jewelry brands around the world. To keep up with fast organizational growth, PANDORA launched its own global digital workspace, INFORA, for employees to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge. The task for Open was to come up with clear and visual communication that sparked excitement, curiosity and suspense, while encouraging employees to take ownership of INFORA and start using it in their everyday work.

INFORA - an exciting global digital workspace to be part of

We ensured consistent communication with a newly developed visual style – first-time PANDORA used an illustrated universe internally, inspired by real people and embedded in everything related to INFORA globally.

Employees were invited to join the new digital workspace with a launch kit containing introductory info and campaign giveaways. Communication was strengthened with awareness materials around the offices and online use of videos to explain the importance of the new digital workspace and help people learn the functionalities.

INFORA creative universe was extremely appreciated by employees, ensuring a complete INFORA experience that resonated across offices globally.

”The visual universe created around INFORA and the PANDORA Global Digital Workspace helped 8000 office employees across the globe to easy understand what INFORA is all about. The visual INFORA universe was used consistently in online and offline marketing and training materials and highly supported the effort to make INFORA a brand for internal communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing”.

Morten Dal, Global Intranet Manager, Corporate Communications

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