Revitalizing the entrepreneurial spirit

Since its infancy as an IT start-up in 2001, Sitecore has experienced immense growth and a rapid increase in employees joining the organization globally. It wasn’t long before Sitecore started asking itself: ‘How do we keep the fun, entrepreneurial spirit and our seven (yes, seven) company values alive?’

The Sitecore Super Seven

This presented a great opportunity to tell the story of the Sitecore core values with superhero archetypes, reflecting the company’s young and entrepreneurial culture. In close collaboration with Sitecore, we developed the Sitecore Super Seven with the aim of establishing the story of the values in a memorable manner, triggering employee reflection and linking concrete actions and ‘super powers’ to each value.

The launch was a Super Seven animation video and a quiz, which revitalized the Sitecore values. Sitecore’s Super Seven are still alive and a force to be reckoned with…


different countries


online quiz submissions out of 700 employees


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