Making the strategy everyone's business

When Tryg rolled out their corporate strategy ‘Tryg in 2020’, the ambition was to inspire all employees across the company, help everyone to act on the strategy, and motivate them to share experiences and successes while doing so (inspire-act-share).

Turning 400 Nordic leaders into unique strategic influencers

The leaders were set to front the roll-out of the strategy as they are responsible for the day-to-day decisions and main influencers in the organization.

The strategy kick-off was centered around one Nordic and two national events where 400 leaders were rallied through the strategy and worked together on how to adapt and translate the strategy to everyday actions. The success of this event was vital for the implementation going forward.

A room designed for collaboration, inspiration, and sharing

Through a connected visual experience, the events were designed to:
1) make it easy to act,
2) help people envision the future, and
3) use the power of ‘everybody being in the same room, striving to be on the same page’.

The Tryg Executive Board sat the scene, real case stories were shared in ‘Tryg talks’, and individual reflections on personal connections to the new strategy were shared in groups.

All storytelling was supported by well-crafted videos projecting the Tryg customer and employee experience into the future. The series of events were rated high by the leaders as an important stepping stone for them to make the strategy happen.

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